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Why Campus Ministry?

November 18, 2015



An occasional glimpse at headlines pertaining to cultural trends related to faith and young adults results in the discovery of some unsettling information. A simple Google search with the phrase "Christian faith college students" yields the following headlines:


  • “Why Students Lose Their Faith in College”

  • “50% of Christian Kids at Christian Colleges Renounce Faith”

  • “Students Abandoning the Faith”


Digging deeper into the statistics isn’t any more encouraging.


  • Between graduating high school and turning 30, 43% of Christian young adults will leave the church.[1]

  • Almost 40% of young adults (aged 18-30) care to neither practice nor oppose any type of religion. They are completely indifferent towards it.[2]

  • According to the 2012 Annual Church Profile, 80% of all Southern Baptist churches reported either 0 or 1 baptism among young adults aged 18-29.[3]


Two problems are clear: 1)Young adults are either completely unengaged with a local church before reaching college age or become disengaged during their college and young adult years, and 2)A majority of Southern Baptist churches have been unable to reach a growing population of disengaged young adults and are losing students who formerly were engaged during the college and young adult years.


This is why campus ministry is necessary. Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Memphis (BCMM) does not seek to replace or minimize the importance of involvement in a local church. Instead, BCMM endeavors to extend the ministry of the local church to unengaged students on college campuses and to develop believing students into effective ambassadors for Christ on campus who will become leaders in local churches.


Campus ministry is necessary because young adults are increasingly either turning away from the faith or they have never been personally exposed to it. Campus based ministries like BCMM form a strategic partnership with the local church to engage lost students with the Gospel and to develop students as disciples of Jesus who will become the leaders of local churches.




[1] The Barna Group, “Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials.” June 3, 2013.


[2] James Emery White, The Rise of the Nones. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2014, p. 15.


[3] “Pastor’s Task Force on SBC Evangelistic Impact and Declining Baptisms” via The Baptist Press.


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