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BCMM Vision

November 24, 2015


“Establishing effective ministries on every campus in the metro Memphis region through developing support and partnerships.”


At present, 25 separate colleges and universities are located in the metro Memphis area with a total student population of almost 40,000.[1] In many cases, these schools have multiple campuses stretched across the metro region. Southwest Tennessee Community College alone boasts 7 campuses in the region[2] and stands to benefit the most from the Tennessee Promise Program in terms of enrollment if statewide trends continue.[3]


Couple these numbers with research showing that 1 in 3 young adults claim no religious affiliation, a number that is actually up 9 percentage points in a span of 7 years[4] and the fact that according to the most recent Annual Church Profile numbers available, 80% of Southern Baptist churches reported baptizing no one between the ages of 18-29 in 2012.[5] The need for the development of thriving, vital campus and church-based ministries to college students and young adults becomes more urgent. Simply put, the church is losing ground amongst the rapidly increasing population of young adults under the age of 30.


BCMM’s desire is to see the development of financial and strategic partnerships with local churches, alumni and other like-minded individuals for the purpose of establishing ministries that are effective at reaching college students with the Gospel of Christ across the metro Memphis region.




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