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U of M Spring Break Mission Trips: Phoenix

April 15, 2016



Over Spring Break the U of M BCM sent students on 3 separate mission trips. This is a student's experience on the BCM's trip to Phoenix, AZ.


           Our trip to Arizona was every eye-opening for our team. We definitely found out that there is a great need for the Lord out west. I learned that no matter what we do and say it's in God’s hands; all we can do is plant the seed and hope that the person will accept Christ and be able to grow in his Word. Another thing I learned was that even if we were unable to lead them to Christ, for us to go and reach out to the community showed people that what we believe is truly important. We went door to door throughout the neighborhood giving out flyer advertising the church plant we worked with and how people can get connected through email or the website and other social media.


            Going door to door was a little difficult to do because we went during the day when many people were at school or work. The most challenging part to me was probably when someone opened the door and then completely shut down and closed the door on us. But when people did answer the door and were willing to talk it was a great opportunity make a bond with them and tell them about the church plant that is happening in their community.


            As we were going door to door, we asked the people who wanted to talk a few questions like, "What's the most important thing in life?" or "What is a good reason to go to church?" The main answer for the most important thing in life was family. We got that answer quite often. In one cove we visited, every time  someone answered the door their response would be they were atheist or were not religious. That was very heart breaking to me.


            My favorite story is when we talked to this guy named Kevin. He said he grew up in church but he hadn't been to church since he was a teenager. His answers  sounded like he knew a lot about the Bible. This was my favorite story because he was able to take the time and give us personal answers and we were able to create a bond with him if though we were only there for a week. He said he was interested in the checking out the church plant and that was very encouraging to me. Even though that we didn't get to talk to everyone and get response like we wanted, the few that we did reached made the whole trip well worth giving up a spring break to do the Lord’s work. I look forward to being able to on on many more trips to fulfill the great commission and I'm truly honored to do it through the BCM.

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