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Christmas Break in Central Asia, Part 3

January 14, 2016


This is the third post in a series of testimonies about the University of Memphis BCM's Christmas break mission trip to Central Asia. To view the first two parts, click the following links:

I question myself a lot, and I am not going to lie-- I question what God is doing a lot as well. 


This last month I got the amazing call to go to Central Asia. I wasn't sure what all was in store for us there but I was ready to go in obedience to that call. As we left, I knew a lot of the work would be trying to meet people in coffee shops and drinking tea-- lots of it! But there was also so much unknown and that terrified me.


One day,  my teammate, a couple of the workers there and myself spent quite some time in coffee shops at a local university. Our intention was to meet people and get university students connected to the permanent workers in this city. Starbucks was the first place. After we got our coffee, we went outside to sit down. We were praying that God would allow us to sit by people who would want to speak to us. We weren't really sure who would talk to us and it honestly felt a little awkward. But we kept in prayer and depended heavily on the Spirit for some guidance. We managed to meet a girl and talked to her for a little while. But it wasn't very long since she had to return to her classes. 


After she got up and left, we were left sitting there again feeling awkward and a little anxious about the unknown. So we continued in prayer. We knew that we needed to get up and move in order to meet more people, but we weren't sure where to go. We also didn't want to spend much more money on coffee or tea. We decided to take the first step and just get up and start walking. As we started walking, I really needed to use the restroom. So that prompted us to stop at the closest coffee shop.


While waiting in line, we noticed a group of girls who looked like nationals but were speaking perfect English. I asked them if they were nationals, and it just so happened that none of the three girls were. All three were from other countries. It was so crazy! They asked us if we would like to sit down and chat, and we said "of course!" We sat and talked with those girls for a couple hours and got one girl connected to the permanent workers there! It was amazing.


Just when I wasn't sure what God was doing that day, He prompted us to get up and walk, He gave me the need to use the restroom, and lead us right to those three girls without having to spend any more money!


This sort of captures the main thing I learned while I was in Central Asia for 10 days. I learned that while I may not always know what God is doing, I do know that He is trustworthy and His plan is good. 



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